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Friday Jun 12, 2015

MapFig Studio Released

I'm very happy to wrapping up our MapFig Studio project.

It has monopolized a good deal of my time the past three months.

It won't change the world, but it will allow anyone to easily create and deploy leaflet maps (and for developers and web designers it could save a lot of time as well).

MapFig Studio is free, Open Source (GPLv3) application for creating, editing, and deploying leaflet maps.

The application supports Markers, Lines, Squares, and Polygons.

Maps can be exported via iframe code, HTML, BootStrap, or called via URL or API.

The Studio includes CMS plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Omeka to allow you to import, manage, and display of maps within your CMS!

The server is tile-agnostic, allowing users to select any provider(s)

The Studio bundles a large number of leaflet plugins (measure, search, cluster, export, playback, etc...), and also includes Image Overlays, IntroBox Slider, InfoSlider, Legend, Password-Protection, SVG Maps.

One of the my favourite features is being able to cross reference object (insert link to one object from another) via a custom drop down in tinymce we made.

Maps can be table-based or free-hand or both

The Studio also includes multi-user support, Projects, and Collaboration.


PHP >=5.4

PostgreSQL >=9

GDAL >=1.9

You can download the full app via our CSN

You can also download via our new MapFig Website

A free, public cloud is available which you can use to try it out before downloading. The free account requires only an email address and has limited features, but should give you a feel for the application

You can self-register at https://studio.mapfig.com/register.php

You can also use the public cloud service rather than self-hosting.

The public cloud is being provided to us by VooServers


An installer is included. Copy the files to your server, navigate to the directory and enter the required information.

Documentation is still in progress but available at docs.mapfig.come.

Commercial support and Managed Cloud Service is also available.

Please check out our WordPress Plugins at our WordPress Plugin Page

These are in queue at WordPress.org, but you can download and start using them now.

One is free and the other two are paid. I really recommend the Premium version. It is only $5 and, IMHO, it is the simplest and best leaflet plugin you will find for WordPress.. You can download a free 14 day trial and no registration or credit card is required.

Happy Mapping!

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