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Wednesday Dec 23, 2015

PostgreSQL 9.5 Scripts for CentOS 6 and CentOS 7

I'm always pleasantly surprised to see that my "Install PostgreSQL 9 on CentOS" from back in 2011 is still coming up on Google searches and that I still get the occasional new comments for it.

I thought I might be useful to add some scripts for PostgreSQL 9.5 (and 9.4) for Both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 that may be time savers.

Please read the README and use only on a clean install!





The CentOS scripts lists all of the packages individually so you can easily edit the script to add or remove packages.

The scripts adds some basic security steps:

  • Creates a minimally privilaged user (pgadmin - change to whatever you like)
  • Disables root log in
  • Sets the SSH port to 3838 (change to whatever you like).
  • Sets root, postgres, admin, and ssl pass to 32 chars
  • Installs IP tables (if you want to use firwalld, comment the appropriate lines as noted).
  • Configures Webmin for managing PostgreSQL
  • Installs a self-signed SSL for PostgreSQL
  • Updates pga_hba.conf to MD5 and SSL
  • Updates postgresql.conf for SSL and remote connections.

Once completed, it will display the new passwords for pgadmin, root, postgres, and ssl as well as write them to an auth.txt file

: Example Output at End of Script
Passwords saved in /root/auth.txt
pg pass: DqVnavTlCXcSKfHprgUtjF-20rpfsKui
ssl pass: yxaQJCXgudTw19XEOMPdZzNd5n6rwVOG
pgadmin pass: A0RUHtPfSFC82mHeDP_ixrRavk7itgkE
root pass: RvZDHkZv-AeQS-ce0Mcnif7GxmmJ-zxN

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