PostgreSQL Auto Increment

This post will demonstrate how to auto increment on a column in PostgreSQL.

In our example we will create a table, Managers.

Our table will have three columns: mgr_id, mgr_name, and mgr_email.

For each insertion of a new Manager entry, we want to auto increment our primary key, mgr_id, by 1.

Step 1: Create a Sequence


Step 2. Create Table and Set the Column Default


We now create the Manager table.

For mgr_id, set as PRIMARY KEY and set the DEFAULT to NEXTVAL(‘mgr_id_seq’) as shown below.

This will increment our sequence by 1 each time a new Manager entry is inserted.

Step 3. Insert Data.


Step 4. Select on Table to View Sequence.


As we an see from above, the increment begins at 1 and increments by 1 by default.


Note: Auto Increment in PhpPgAdmin


Unlike PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgAdmin does not have a handy drop-down to auto increment a column when you create a table.

You can simply use the PhpPgAdmin SQL Editor to create the sequence and table as shown in steps 1 to 3 above.

Alternatively, you can create your sequence using the Sequence node in PhpPgAdmin as shown below:


With your sequence created, you can then set the DEFAULT value for the mgr_id column to nextval(‘mgr_id_seq’) in the table creation GUI as shown below:



More on Sequences in PostgreSQL:

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